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Your textbooks can be hard to understand, and the problems may be hard to solve. Even if you have the solution manual, things are not always clear.
BrainAround helps you to make the most of your textbook, by connecting you with students that study the same textbooks at colleges throughout the USA.
Here You can post questions about specific textbook problems and content that you need help with. You can also help other students by answering their questions and sharing your solutions.


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  • Add the textbooks you are studying to your textbook list (using the book’s ISBN).
  • Post your questions (either your own questions about the content, or specific problems that appear in the textbook chapters).
  • Browse existing answers to other students’ questions.
  • Vote for the best answers to promote them to the top, and join the discussions for existing answers.
  • Answer other student’s questions to help them get un-stuck.
  • Gain points by sharing the best answers, and position yourself as an expert on the subject matter of your textbooks.

The Company

BrainAround is the brainchild of the owners of Booksprice has helped students  save money on textbooks since 2004. The site is operated from New York, USA.